Procurement and supply chain services

With labs increasingly focused on speed to market, procurement and supply chain efficiencies have emerged as key enablers in the race to innovate. At Avantor, we deploy over 160 years of holistic procurement and supply chain expertise to optimize both product and placement of critical materials throughout the lab, and the warehousing ecosystem that supports it.

360-degree supply chain optimization

End-to-end procurement and supply chain services, customizable for your lab’s objectives:

  1. Program management. Effective supply chain begins with purchasing professionals managing the entire procurement infrastructure, from sourcing the right product to optimizing its placement for ease-of-use within the lab ecosystem. Working in parallel with your lab’s internal teams, or our procurement personnel, our proprietary Inventory Manager software seamlessly integrates into lab operations, to assess current-state inventory and methodologies and devise customized procurement strategies aligned to your lab’s output and growth objectives.  

    Benefit: Enterprise-level, customized procurement management for the entire lab ecosystem.
  2. Vendor-agnostic procurement. Customized supply chain requires maximized choice within procurement. That’s why Inventory Manager’s robust software supports thousands of manufacturer products globally, as well as the millions of products available through our channel brand, VWR. Combined with our MarketSource procurement and sourcing solutions, your lab’s purchasing needs are fulfilled by a true end-to-end solution.

    Benefit: One-stop, global procurement of millions of science-enabling products.
  3. Optimized shipping, receiving, and compliance. A critical link within a stable supply chain is the efficient processing of goods coming into the lab. Seamlessly integrating with your systems, both Inventory Manager and our ERP systems create an optimal solution, to centrally monitor, manage, and automate time consuming tasks such as invoice reconciliation, purchase order management, and vendor consolidation. Leveraging its enterprise-level data analysis, Inventory Manager coordinates repeat purchases to keep your lab supply at optimal levels, as well as ensure product is easily tracked throughout the lab for compliance reporting.

    Benefit: Data-based purchasing and tracking support to optimize inventory, control spend, and eliminate waste.
  4. Flexible warehousing solutions. As a lab’s footprint expands, contracts, or even relocates elsewhere, easy access to compliant storage space plays a fundamental role in stabilizing lab supply chain. With Avantor, work with a partner with the expertise to implement warehouse optimization strategies that maximize your on-site storage resources. Utilization of our global warehousing network further ensures your lab’s ability to leverage compliant storage capacity when needed and at scale. Throughout, your customized warehousing solutions are seamlessly linked to Inventory Manager’s 360-degree materials visibility and reporting capability to track and control spend.

    Benefit: Customized, optimized on-site and off-site storage maximization solutions at scale.
  5. Point-of-use inventory management. Supply chain is the culmination of all procurement and inventory management optimization efforts. This is most evidenced at the point-of-use; when scientists are able to focus solely on bench science, with just the right products in the just the right quantities within reach, lab output and value are truly maximized. Avantor’s on-site teams support these outcomes by utilizing Inventory Manager’s insights to identify key supplies needed for a lab’s bench science, based on historical purchasing data and scientist feedback. Product flows out of the supporting stockroom based on Inventory Manager’s data-based insights, ensuring point-of-use stocking levels are optimized to support on-demand use.

    Benefit: Process- and data-based point-of-use optimization, directly supporting value-generating bench science.

For procurement and supply chain solutions customized to your lab’s output and growth objectives, contact us today.

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