Avantor Political Contributions Disclosure

Since becoming a public company in 2019, Avantor has not contributed company funds or assets to or for (1) any political parties or political candidates, whether federal, state or local, (2) any entity operating under 26 U.S.C. Sec. 527 of the Internal Revenue Code, (3) any entity organized under 26 U.S.C. Sec. 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code, (4) any ballot measure or (5) any public communication that expressly advocates the election or defeat of a political candidate.

Avantor has no intention of making such political contributions in the future; any contribution of Company funds or assets for such purposes would require written approval by both Avantor’s General Counsel and Chief Executive Officer.

While Avantor associates may participate as private citizens in the political process, decisions to do so are entirely personal and voluntary. Associates engaging in political campaign activities must do so only as private citizens and must always make clear that their views and actions are their own, not those of Avantor. Associates must never pressure or coerce colleagues to make political contributions to or support or oppose any political candidates, elections, or ballot initiatives.

Lobbying & Government Affairs

Avantor may engage with elected or regulatory officials on public policy issues having potential to impact the Company’s business, its associates, business relations, shareholders, and the communities in which the Company operates. On the rare occasions when the Company may do so, its Legal Function is responsible for ensuring any engagement is conducted in a manner which (1) honors Avantor’s ICARE values and applicable law, (2) protects or enhances shareholder value, and (3) is indifferent to the private political preferences of company executives or directors.

Registered lobbyists and other governmental affairs consultants may only be engaged with the approval of Avantor’s General Counsel and Chief Executive Officer. The Company will make all required public disclosures regarding lobbying activity, if any.

Trade & Industry Associations

In order to set science in motion to create a better world and best deliver for our stakeholders, Avantor belongs to certain U.S. trade and industry associations, and uses corporate funds to pay trade association dues. Avantor will disclose trade associations to which it pays >$50,000 in dues annually.

Board Oversight

Corporate political expenditures and related policies, including Avantor’s trade association membership and lobbying activity, are reviewed at least annually by the Nominating & Governance Committee of the Avantor Board of Directors, a committee comprised solely of independent directors.

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