Our DEI Commitment

We are dedicated to creating a fully inclusive culture that celebrates diversity and creates equitable opportunities for all to learn and grow.

What that means to us as an organization:

Whoever you are, wherever you work, whatever you do at Avantor, you are welcome to show up as your whole self. We actively work to foster a sense of belonging, ensuring all our associates feel valued, seen, and included.

Everyone is unique and has a story to tell. We want to hear it and learn from it. Our definition of diversity recognizes the individual identities, cultures, experiences, and perspectives we ALL have to offer.

Opportunity begins with awareness and access. We’re building new resources to support our associates’ personal and professional growth. And, we actively work to identify and remove barriers to ensure equity.

What that means to our associates:

Every day, across the globe our team is investing in building community, educating through personal stories and shared experiences, and examining our processes and policies to ensure inclusivity and equity.

Avantor associates bring our DEI Commitment to life:

Avantor team members and PRIDE Network allies gather around a tree in PRIDE tshirts with a rainbow double helix

Avantor team members hold a rainbow double helix banner for the PRIDE Network, stating "proud supporter of the LGBTQIA community"

Avantor team members march in a PRIDE parade holding a rainbow double helix banner for the PRIDE Network, stating "proud supporter of the LGBTQIA community"

Avantor team members stand in front of a balloon arch for a Color Run to benefit Autism Awareness

Group of employees standing in while holding American flags and Navy Veteran banner.

Avantor team members from the Missouri City Distribution Center joining together to honor Veterans on Veterans Day.

Group of employees standing in yard wearing

Avantor associates in West Henrietta, NY celebrate Latino culture during Hipsanic Heritage Month.

Man kneels down to pet a dog wearing a

Avantor associate enjoys a moment with service dog visiting the Visilia site for a discussion on service dog training.

Group seated in semi circle with man holding a guitar.

Avantor associates in Radnor join Darden Smith in creating a song highlighting their experiences during the pandemic.

Man in foreground with three people seated in background with laptops placed in front of them at a table.

ACT leaders, including Global Black ACT share information about the ACTs during the BYOD event at Buford.

Avantor’s DE&I Strategic Pillars:

Our Associate Centric Teams (ACTs) are Employee Resource Groups that create safe spaces for associates to share, learn, and grow. Our ACTs are open to all, whether you identify with the community represented or not. Our ACT members are called allies and they together with our ACT leadership are making a positive difference every day at Avantor.

Current ACTs include:

  • GBACT (Global Black ACT)
  • Women in Business
  • PRIDE Network (LGBTQIA+)
  • Diverse Abilities
  • VETS ACT (veterans)
  • New Professionals
  • ALMA (Avantor Latinos Moving Ahead)
  • AIM (Asia, India, Middle Eastern)

With a focus on diverse representation in leadership, we support programs for career acceleration and advancement for internal talent. And, we partner with diverse recruitment firms to ensure we reach the broadest availability of highly qualified candidates for open roles. We train to identify and interrupt bias and provide growth opportunities for all.

Working together with the Avantor Foundation and our ACTs, we give back to the communities where we live and work with a focus on marginalized and under served populations. Our associates give their time, passions, and talents to create goodness.

The world is ever changing and to ensure lasting equity with evolution, we regularly review our processes and policies to ensure inclusion and keep pace with best practice.

Equitable access to information for all is our imperative. We’re building innovative and inclusive channels for multiple languages, abilities, and technologies. We constantly gather feedback from our associates and incorporate their sentiments into our strategy.

2022 DE&I Accomplishments:

Want to join a team committed to DE&I?

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