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Optoelectronics and electronics manufacturers count on the versatility and high-purity of silicones from the NuSil® brand of Avantor® to create cutting-edge displays and digital electronics.

For manufacturers of devices ranging from smart phones to stadium screens, NuSil’s silicones for optoelectronics enable the creation of next-generation displays that are sharper, brighter and more rugged. These silicone materials are optimized for LEDs, LCDs and other applications that demand greater light output and optical stability, while also improving both shock and heat resistance.

From our proprietary, high refractive index technology to low refractive index silicones, our formulation skills allow us to sell a wide range of optically clear and high temperature resistant silicones for optoelectronics.

One challenge today’s electronics manufacturers face is heat management: As devices shrink in size, yet pack in more components, keeping these devices from failure due to over-heating is a major concern. NuSil silicones for electronics offer effective solutions. Our off-the-shelf high-purity silicones include gels and elastomers for potting and encapsulating as well as thermally and electrically conductive silicones for Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) or for EMI and RFI shielding applications.

Greater reliability and longer operating life

NuSil silicones can be refined to virtually eliminate common impurities—such as ions and low molecular weight species associated with silicone contamination—leading to greater reliability and longer operating life of the device.

From our proprietary high refractive index technology to adhesives and coatings, we offer a wide range of optically clear and high temperature resistant silicones that are tailor-made to help manufacturers accomplish the following:

  • Protect delicate components against thermal cycling, shock and outside contaminants
  • Increase reliability by remaining flexible at very low temperatures and to resist breakdown at extreme heat
  • Enable the creation of more flexible, lightweight display screens that are easily readable in a wide range of light conditions

Optoelectronic silicone products

NuSil’s silicones for optoelectronics deliver the most comprehensive line of refractive index-matching adhesives, encapsulants and thermosets available.

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Electronic silicone products

Choose from an industry-leading line of conformal coatings, encapsulants, adhesives and gels to protect vital electronic components and optimize device assembly.

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Conformal coatings

The NuSil® brand of silicone conformal coatings efficiently and reliably protects electronic components and helps ensure long operating life. Let us put our silicone expertise to work for you.

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