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NuSil® simethicone fluids and granular solids are used in a broad range of healthcare and pharmaceutical applications for their anti-gas and anti-foaming properties.

For a broad range of antacid and anti-gas treatments, the NuSil simethicone portfolio offers products designed for efficient use in both aqueous and non-aqueous solutions. NuSil simethicone is supplied in both liquid and granular solid options:

  • Simethicone fluids: Our formulations provide versatility in pharmaceutical applications with properties such as varying polymer viscosities, low volatility and resistance to silica separation. Made with superior bubble-coalescing activity, they are highly effective for the elimination and control of foam in both aqueous and non-aqueous solutions.
  • Simethicone granular solid: The fastest granular simethicone defoamer on the market, it has a proven history of use in chewable and soft-chew antacid tablets. It allows for easy blending with other tablet ingredients and is designed to reduce the cost of cleanup and additional equipment required for liquid addition of simethicone-active ingredients.

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No matter what kind of silicone product you are formulating, NuSil has the expertise, processes and proprietary technology to customize our silicone polymers and catalysts based on your unique specifications. We leverage our insight into the unique silicone chemistry and material properties to supply both off-the-shelf and custom formulations tailored to your process and end application performance requirements.

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NuSil simethicones provide a high-quality, versatile material for use in a broad range of anti-gas and antacid tablets. It is also an excellent defoaming agent used in biopharma processing.

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