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Coatings & dispersions

Silicone coatings and dispersions for protection in power electronics and biocompatibility in medical devices

NuSil® coatings and dispersions from Avantor® create and protect critical parts or technologies for a wide range of applications in the healthcare, space, aviation, defense, optoelectronics and electronics industries.

NuSil silicone coatings and dispersions are elastomers dispersed in a solvent for ease of application. They can be applied in very thin layers to evenly coat a device or surface or used to create a film or thin-walled part with strong elastomeric properties.

NuSil’s broad range of silicone coatings and dispersions offer numerous options to accommodate processing requirements and functional properties:  

  • One-part or two-part coatings: Our coatings are available as a one-part formulation with no mixing required or two-part configuration offering a longer work time.  
  • Solvent-based or solventless coatings: Solvent-based coatings are ideal for processes where the silicone is applied as a thin film coating. Solvent-less coatings are non-flammable and do not require controlled environments for handling.
  • Special features: NuSil coating options include hydrocarbon-resistance, lubrication, low coefficient of friction and high clarity formulations.

Customization mastered

From prototype scale to mass production, NuSil has the expertise, processes and proprietary technology to customize silicones based on your unique specifications. We leverage our insight into the unique silicone chemistry and material properties to supply both off-the-shelf and custom formulations tailored to meet your process and end application performance requirements.

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Interior NuSil silicone production technology

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Example of man with pacemaker with silicone components

Medical implants

For long term implanted devices (>29 days) NuSil silicone coatings and dispersions are ideal for dipping and spraying processes that produce thin elastomeric films or forms.

infant with silicone airway device

General healthcare

Our portfolio of medical-grade coatings and dispersions offer solutions for devices implanted in the body for < 29 days, such as balloons or external devices like needles.

Curiosity Mars rover incorporating silicone protective materials


Our space-grade coatings protect against atomic oxygen (AO) while providing resistance to radiation and are used on a variety of spacecraft surfaces and small electronic components.

military aircraft in flight

Aviation & defense

NuSil coatings feature fuel and heat-resistant properties that protect critical technology in missiles, rockets, launch equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Children using large electronics display

Optoelectronics & electronics

From extending the operating life of circuit boards to providing stability for elastomers, our conformal coatings protect sensitive elements from moisture, contaminants, shock and temperature extremes.

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Conformal coatings

The NuSil® brand of silicone conformal coatings efficiently and reliably protects electronic components and helps ensure long operating life. Let us put our silicone expertise to work for you.

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Our experienced team will identify or develop the best solution for your application, whether you need a sprayable silicone dispersion or a heat-resistant coating technology.

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