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Adhesives & sealants

High-purity silicone adhesives offer efficiencies in manufacturing by maximizing throughput.

From biocompatible adhesives to high-temperature space-grade adhesives, NuSil® high-performance silicones from Avantor® are formulated to provide the strongest bond for a wide range of substrates in the most demanding environments.

We collaborate closely with customers to identify the right adhesives, balancing competing factors, like manufacturing throughput, device performance and greater reliability and durability. Whether you need a silicone that’s biocompatible, ultra-low outgassing or somewhere in between, our experts will guide you to the best fit for your application.

Depending on your assembly needs, NuSil offers silicone adhesives to boost manufacturing throughout or increase performance:

  • One-part Room Temperature Vulcanized (RTV) silicone adhesives: Our moisture cure formulations can be applied without mixing and are ideal for use with temperature-sensitive components.
  • Two-part RTV or heat curing silicone adhesives: These platinum-catalyzed formulations cure rapidly without byproducts or leaving groups and are ideal for use where faster throughput is desired.
  • Dispersed silicone adhesives: NuSil dispersed adhesives create a thin, uniform layer, and their low viscosity allows them to flow into hard-to-reach areas.
  • Film adhesives & tapes: An alternative to traditional liquid adhesives, our double-sided tapes and film adhesives are sold in sheet form with release liners and an internal structural support layer. They offer reliable bond line control in a peel-and-stick format.
  • Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs): This solvent-based, removable adhesive is non-curing but forms a strong bond when pressure is applied.
  • Soft Silicone Adhesives (SSAs): Our SSAs provide permeability, protection and atraumatic removal from human skin, making them ideal for applications such as wound care, scar management and wearable monitoring devices.

Our silicone portfolio also includes primers to enhance adhesion.

Customization mastered

No matter what kind of silicone product you are formulating, NuSil has the expertise, processes and proprietary technology to customize our silicone polymers and catalysts based on your unique specifications. We leverage our insight into the unique silicone chemistry and material properties to supply both off-the-shelf and custom formulations tailored to your process and end application performance requirements.

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Medical implants

For four decades, manufacturers have relied on NuSil silicone adhesives for a range of applications, from cochlear implants and pacemakers to gastric balloons. Our adhesives for long-term implantable devices (> 29 days) help create efficiencies the production process by reducing manufacturing time and improving device performance.

infant with silicone airway device

General healthcare

Whether you need biocompatible silicone adhesives for assembling a medical device used in the body on a short-term basis (< 29 days) or for an external application such as wound care, our off-the-shelf and customized products are supplied with the regulatory support needed to bring your product to market.

Curiosity Mars rover incorporating silicone protective materials


NuSil low and ultra-low outgassing adhesives are specifically designed to increase manufacturing throughput while reliably bonding to substrates, including metals, plastics, glass and polyimide including Kovar® and polyimide. Our industry-leading, space-grade tapes and film adhesives offer less touch time and faster cure.

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Aviation & defense

From metals to glass to plastics, our silicones create a reliable bond suitable for the mission-critical requirements of commercial aviation and defense applications. In addition to our off-the-shelf portfolio of adhesives, we can formulate solutions that match custom requirements for parameters like size, thickness or adhesion to specific substrates.

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Optoelectronics & electronics

We offer an extensive array of standard and customized silicone adhesives for every stage of development and production. With our industry-leading portfolio, which includes optically clear, reflective index (RI) matching silicones, manufacturers can produce more reliable devices with longer operating lives.

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Silicone adhesives

We offer a wide range of NuSil® brand silicone adhesives and silicone primers to improve the productivity of medical device manufacturing. See the difference we can make.

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From medical adhesives for wound care to high-temperature silicone adhesive products, NuSil experts will help you find the right product for your application. 

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