We offer products, tools and expertise that helps unlock the full potential of science from discovery to delivery.

With an academic heritage that spans more than a century, Avantor® is trusted by researchers worldwide to provide high-purity chemicals, laboratory equipment and scientific services.

Whether you need proven, cost-effective lab consumables or skilled onsite support, we'll work with you to streamline research and innovation so you can focus on creating breakthroughs.

Academic research

We keep your research on target with a broad portfolio of laboratory chemicals, reagents, consumables and lab equipment. Our experts collaborate closely with you to understand the processes and develop solutions that move you forward.

Laboratory research

As an experienced partner with global reach and local support, we’ll help you overcome research challenges and conduct groundbreaking research with innovative solutions and reliable products that can be customized for application-specific levels of purity and quality.

Quality control

From chemicals to instrumentation, we offer products and solutions to assure the precision, repeatability and reproducibility of quality control and analysis for a wide range of testing applications. Our experts are always available, whether you’re testing a life-saving drug or the air we breathe.

Environmental testing

Our environmental testing chemicals, innovative systems and established expertise help laboratories meet increasing regulations with proven accuracy. Regardless of application, test or process, we can enhance performance for consistent, reliable results.

Thought leadership

Challenges in Chromatography

Avantor’s Dr. Nandu Deorkar talks about reducing processing times and increasing yields with hydrophobic interaction chromatography tools.

Discover how we can help you accelerate breakthroughs in research and innovation.

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