We help enable breakthroughs in life-changing biologics from discovery to delivery.

From small-scale bench to pilot plant scale-up to mass commercialization, we’ll help you accelerate new biologic treatments by combining high-quality cGMP materials and a global distribution network with a deep understanding of the industry, bioprocessing workflows and regulatory environments.

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)

Our ultra-high purity production chemicals and customized single-use assemblies are engineered to streamline the entire mAbs production process while maintaining quality, activity and stability.

Recombinant proteins

We help develop more efficient recombinant protein production processes with a range of cell culture supplements, chromatography resins, excipients and workflow solutions.


Primarily developed to target infectious diseases, new vaccine concepts are now focusing on breakthrough immune-oncology applications. Our animal sera, buffer components and other products meet the highest quality standards and regulatory requirements to help improve product yields.

Cell therapies

As researchers and manufacturers develop the next generations of treatments to address some of the most challenging diseases, our expertise and products let them scale up with confidence. We offer single-use solutions, a wide range of cGMP materials and fill-and-finish excipients that can be customized to work with maximum efficiency and quality in your cell therapy workflows.

Gene therapies

Gene therapies offer the promise of transformative treatments, even cures, for patients with genetic or acquired diseases. From fermentation media and growth factors to sterile cell factories, we offer a complete workflow solution for gene therapy.

Thought leadership

3D image of T-cells attacking cancer cell, blue background.

Advancing gene therapy by solving challenges in scale-up & manufacturing

Latest Q&A with Ger Brophy, Avantor Executive Vice President, Biopharma Production with new insight on gene therapy

Discover how we can help you accelerate breakthroughs in bioprocessing research and innovation.

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