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Holistic, on-site lab support services customized to your specific research objectives and workflows.

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Lean process implementation streamlines glassware service


Global chemical management saves time and money


Saving time and reducing costs through cost-efficient inventory management


Maximizing lab productivity in an increasingly costly research environment is achieved by challenging the status quo and leveraging methodologies supporting lab growth and innovation. Avantor’s general lab services streamline the pursuit of scientific discovery through holistic support of the entire lab ecosystem. Our on-site scientific teams are central to this approach, focused on freeing your lab’s scientists from non-core activities that take time away from research including: inventory and chemical management, glass washing, solution and media preparation, gas cylinder management, sample handling, autoclaving, consumables and dry ice replenishment, waste management, and equipment balancing and safety services. These vital tasks are customizable to scale and align to your lab’s research objectives and workflows.

Maximizing Research Results on a Global Scale

Navigating constant pressure to produce repeatable, traceable research results within the lab environment is a herculean endeavor, managing multiple operations to both minimize cost and maximize time for research benefits from a unified approach, addressing each efficiency within a larger project scope.

At Avantor, our general lab services are rooted in supporting continuous improvement that address every touchpoint throughout and in support of workflows.  For over 40 years, our expertise in supporting scientific discovery enables the capacity of our on-site teams to adopt your lab’s specific research objectives and adhere to strict efficiency and quality protocols. Our proprietary, cloud-based Inventory Manager and Chemical Manager digital solutions streamline key operational tasks and provide optimization insights as lab needs shift and evolve. Our work’s impact on your lab operations is measured by customized standard operating procedures (SOPs), service level agreements (SLAs), and key performance indicators (KPIs), ensuring quality and efficiency throughout the path to discovery.  A trusted, global partner to customers in biopharma, pharmaceutical, educational, industrial, and high-tech industries, Avantor offers the lab and production services depth to help you move science forward.

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Examples of our general lab services:

  • Inventory and chemical management
  • Glass washing
  • Solution and media preparation
  • Gas cylinder management
  • Sample handling
  • Autoclaving
  • Consumables and dry ice replenishment
  • Waste management
  • Equipment balancing
  • Safety services

Avantor onsite teams - continous workflow improvement

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Ready to move your next innovation forward? Avantor Services can help.

Ready to move your next innovation forward? Avantor Services can help.

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