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Comprehensive, full lifecycle equipment services for optimized lab operations and full compliance assured for all accreditation standards.

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Comprehensive equipment management to maximize lab performance and value


The equipment management process


Avantor Equipment Services is a trusted partner in optimizing scientific operations in labs across the globe. With our channel brand, VWR, we customize end-to-end lab equipment procurement and management solutions for customers in biopharma, pharmaceutical, educational, industrial, and high-tech industries. Our accredited, ISO 17025-certified service centers and technician teams in Europe partner with original equipment manufacturers and service providers across the globe to create holistic equipment management solutions at any customer location. We perform full lifecycle installation, validation, calibration, maintenance, warranty management, compliance, and relocation services. Combining proprietary software, unified operating procedures, ISO and GLP quality standards, and onsite lab and production support services, we ensure your high-value lab instrumentation is ready on demand to maximize lab productivity and recover valuable time for research.

Right, Just When You Need It

Building out our labs to rise to the challenge of discovery requires constant, expert attention be given to the lab ecosystem; ensuring equipment with varying degrees of complexity operate on demand – and within compliance – to generate validated, repeatable research results.

Holistic Lab Productivity

At Avantor Services, our heritage of supporting science is reflected in a holistic approach to managing all lab equipment, creating a comprehensive, single source solution for lab operations optimization. Trusted partnerships with equipment manufacturers and service providers facilitate the capabilities of our multi-vendor technical services, enabling us to install, maintain, calibrate, validate, and provide spare parts for almost any basic lab equipment, on- and offsite.

Our accredited, ISO 17025-certified service centers, technicians, service partners and real-time reports from our cloud-based, proprietary Equipment Manager software ensure ongoing compliance of lab assets and optimized management of your various equipment vendors. Embedded into these critical operations, Equipment Manager further provides data that enable our teams to provide on-site solutions to secure continuity of lab operations. The convenience of full lifecycle equipment management is supported by a single point of contact in tandem with unified standard operating procedures as part of our ISO 9001 Quality Management System to maximize lab productivity.

We can leverage end-to-end equipment procurement and management to optimize your operations, decrease your costs, and return valuable time back to research. Our services:

  • Multi-vendor technical services
  • Compliance services
  • Equipment management services

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Multi-vendor technical services

One service partner for installation, maintenance, service, and calibration of equipment from multiple manufacturers

Compliance services

Ensure your lab equipment is in compliance to assure that your research is accurate

Equipment management services

Equipment management from installation to calibration and decommissioning for the installed base of your equipment

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Ready to move your next innovation forward? Avantor Services can help.

Ready to move your next innovation forward? Avantor Services can help.

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