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Combination medical device manufacturers are discovering the potential for the excipient-grade silicones from the Avantor® NuSil® brand to create revolutionary devices that get crucial medications to patients with immediate adherence and sustained delivery.

It’s been estimated that 50% of all patients don’t take their medicines as prescribed. Silicones can help address this healthcare challenge: they allow medical devices to deliver targeted drug delivery with controlled release. NuSil’s excipient-grade silicones can be used in multiple applications, including molded devices such as intravaginal rings (IVR) or intrauterine devices (IUD), and other medical implants that carry drugs such as stents.

silicone for drug delivery

NuSil silicone scientists are pioneering new ways to transform silicone to meet the adherence goals of our pharmaceutical, biopharma and medical device customers.

Drug delivery silicones

NuSil offers excipient-grade silicones with a range of physical properties and characteristics. Their flexibility at the molecular level allows controlled drug loading and release that can be customized to specific combination medical device requirements.

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Support for regulatory approval

All of our excipient-grade silicones are specifically designed, manufactured and purified to meet the strictest requirements of the healthcare industry. They are manufactured in accordance with IPEC GMP guidelines and are supported with complete Type IV drug master files submitted to the U.S. FDA. Over decades, we’ve refined our support systems to meet the high-touch needs of our customers, delivering support throughout the entire commercialization process.

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