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If your scientists’ research is going to be accurate and reproducible, it is mandatory to ensure that your lab equipment is validated and maintained correctly – and in compliance with internal and external standards and regulations.

From the initial installation to calibration, validation (IQ, OQ, PQ) and certification, Avantor will partner with you to make sure your lab equipment – from thermometers to refrigerators – works as it should and meets both the needs of your team and scientific protocols.

Our proactive approach to equipment services results in a lab that has functional, correctly maintained lab equipment with proper documentation. Your team will have confidence that their critical research and development will be fully supported with dependable equipment.


Solid science relies on sound equipment.

Avantor Equipment Services understands the vital importance of equipment and instrument accuracy. Your team needs to know that equipment is calibrated correctly in order to achieve reliable, repeatable, results. With our accreditation to the ISO 17025 standard in many countries, we are able to provide this service and certify that our skilled technicians meet internal and external standards.

Our technicians – working independently, with a third party, or with your trained staff – calibrate and validate your lab equipment and instruments against:

  • Manufacturer specifications/standards
  • Accreditation standards and regulatory requirements (ISO, GMP/GLP, FDA etc.)
  • Our own specifications/standards

Our commitment to making sure your equipment is properly calibrated and maintained lets your teams plan ahead and incorporate properly working equipment into their workflows. It also saves your teams from needlessly re-doing costly experiments.

We validate your lab equipment, from installation to use.

Equipment Validation is a quality assurance process that establishes and documents that a piece of equipment satisfies its intended requirements. Validation is broken down into a three-step process: IQ, OQ and PQ.  By performing these three steps, we help your lab stay in compliance with FDA, GMP/GLP and other regulations.

Documented verification that the environmental conditions required for installation conform to the manufacturer’s guidelines and that the equipment is set up according to those specs.

Demonstrates how an instrument will function in the lab, according to the operational specifications of the manufacturer. This step demonstrates/challenges the control, functionality and operation of the equipment, based on the parameters provided by the manufacturer.

Tests and substantiates that the instrument/equipment consistently performs according to the criteria provided by your lab. This is a documented verification of how the equipment performs within the process and/or system throughout all anticipated operation ranges.

Validation services are performed by Avantor’s certified service engineers in partnership with validated third-party service providers and your team. Our goal is to put the right people, and process, in place to meet your specific needs.


Audits require traceable, correct documentation of equipment calibration and services.

The administrative task of documenting, and organizing the documentation of, equipment services is time consuming and challenging. This is especially true when labs have equipment from multiple vendors and manufacturers – as most labs do. It’s also necessary for both internal use and to create an auditable record.

Just as calibration is necessary for reliable research results, documenting the results of calibration services is necessary for audits. Many labs rely on their own staff to both calibrate and document the calibration. This can present problems unless the staff is trained in the calibration and documentation process – both according to the manufacturer's standards and in line with internal and external regulations. Properly documenting the calibration, services, and maintenance, and keeping that documentation readily available, also requires specific expertise.

Avantor’s trained and accredited technicians partner with your team to both conduct the calibrations and document the service – properly – from the time your new equipment is delivered until it is decommissioned.  We can help you plan ahead for routine calibration and maintenance, and make sure your library of documents are organized and easily accessible.

Ensure that your research is conducted using accurate equipment that’s validated and in compliance. Contact us today.

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Ready to move your next innovation forward? Avantor Services can help.

Ready to move your next innovation forward? Avantor Services can help.

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