Community Engagement

Taking action to build a better world

Masks donated by Avantor

1.5+ million

Avantor Foundation grants

$1.1+ million

Foundation grants supporting STEM education


Foundation grants supporting healthcare


Avantor’s collective philanthropic work creates goodness that makes positive, lasting impact on our society and planet where we work, live and conduct business.

Guided by our mission to set science in motion to create a better world, our associates engage directly with local organizations and communities. This mirrors the way we collaborate with customers around the world, side-by-side to advance life-changing science.

Our giving philosophy enables Science for Goodness. Avantor Foundation grants, in conjunction with Avantor’s product donations and recently launched associate volunteer program, are supporting a healthier society and encouraging young minds to become tomorrow’s innovators.

Pillar goals

  • Improve global access to STEM education and healthcare
  • Increase associate volunteer hours

As a global leader in life sciences, our Community Engagement efforts are focused on 3 key areas:

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education:
    Invest in the future of science through STEM education programming
  • Healthcare to those in need:
    Support a healthier society by providing basic healthcare services and workers to people who are impoverished, do not have access to healthcare or need support because of disaster
  • Environmental stewardship:
    Protect our environment through clean-ups and other volunteerism efforts

Avantor Foundation

The Avantor Foundation, a private charitable foundation funded by Avantor, partners with organizations from around the world to advance science education and provide healthcare to those in need.

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Community relations

Volunteering our time further expands the good we create.

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