Clinical research and manufacturing material demands compliant, adaptable storage and asset management services. Avantor’s biorepository and storage facilities are equipped to store all research materials and manufactured products, and offer additional services to meet your clinical and manufacturing needs. Our complete lifecycle management and logistics capabilities can meet your clinical requirement.

Our Full Offering

  • Non-Clinical Archiving
  • Clinical Biorepository
  • Manufacturing Material
  • Specialized Logistics
  • Secure Disposal
  • On Site Support Services
  • Data Management

Wide-Ranging Services from a Provider You Trust

Our services address four essential requirements:

  1. Sample logistics. We manage clinical and manufacturing needs with efficient and reliable logistics expertise and 24-hour sample returns.
  2. Material indexing and management. Our proprietary LabTrak system provides flexible material indexing and instant digital access to assets and reports.
  3. Lifecycle management. From creation through to shipping, storage, and eventual disposal, we take care of all your materials.
  4. Customized and dedicated service. Our on-site team of experts manage your assets from step one, with dedicated teams overseeing every stage of the process alongside automated tracking ensuring continuity of care.

Services at a Glance

Sample Logistics

In addition to our biorepository and archiving capabilities, our facilities offer:

  • Recognized industry-leading support and flexible services to reduce your effort and costs.
  • Validated LabTrak material management system to ensure accurate inventories and indexing and enable secure online access to submit work requests and generate reports.
  • Specialized logistics services to meet further clinical needs, including freight forwarding, secure disposal, and customized logistics support.

Material Indexing and Management

Our services are not limited to clinical trial support. We also offer manufacturing material services including:

  • Storage, collection, and distribution of regulated manufacturing material.
  • Material logistics with support consolidation and lifecycle management of manufacturing material.
  • Digital indexing of materials with LabTrak to ensure the accuracy of your inventory, facilitate discrepancy resolution, and standardize your inventory to maximize savings.
  • Material management including site relocations, custom programs, study audits, and material licensing, sales, or acquisition support.
  • Archiving solutions including regulated data management for paper and electronic data.
  • Compliant material storage with validated environmental monitoring across a full range of storage environments, back-up equipment and power sources, fire detection and suppression systems, emergency response teams, and business continuity procedures that ensure secure long-term preservation.

Lifecycle Management

From first request to project completion, we offer:

  • Lifecycle sample management including specialized sealing and repackaging, site relocations, study audits, support for specimen licensing, and disposal.
  • Non-clinical support services to manage materials including long-term preservation, paraffin block sealing, off-site project support, support for licensing, acquisitions, and sales, and disposal.

Customized and Dedicated Service

Delivering exceptional care, our Clinical Services teams include:

  • Trained and licensed logistics personnel to manage hazardous, radioactive, secure cold-chain and/or controlled substances.
  • Industry-leading experts overseeing all strategic, operational, and tactical activities and managing custom projects and programs for complete support solutions.

To discover more about how Avantor Clinical Services can meet your needs, contact our expert research support team today.

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