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Our biorepository services protect your vital research assets with consolidated storage in a network of secure facilities.

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LabTrak® biorepository and archiving material management system

Biorepository & archiving services


Biopharma company consolidates CRO study assets into one biorepository and archiving solution


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How Avantor's biorepository services work

When you decide to store your business-critical assets with Avantor®, we take thorough measures to help ensure your irreplaceable biospecimens are secure.

Safe transportation to storage facility

We coordinate cold chain logistics to transport your assets according to their specific requirements. From the moment we take custody of your samples, we carefully inspect and index them. We track and trace every movement in real time, from receipt to processing.

Qualified and expert monitored storage

Your assets are stored in their ideal conditions in our qualified, purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities that adhere to the strictest standards. Our team is trained to monitor your assets expertly, and our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) uphold extensive quality-control measures to help ensure regulatory compliance.

At each of our global storage facilities, we implement layers of backups and redundancies to ensure all assets are securely stored, even in a power failure or more severe disruption and our GLP and IATA-trained experts are dedicated to meeting your specific needs.

Safe return of your irreplaceable assets

When you are ready to retrieve your assets, experts at Avantor once again coordinate cold chain logistics to meet your assets’ specific requirements. We continue to monitor, track, and trace assets in real-time.

Our consistency of care results in the safe return of your biorepository assets. Our expert team has been entrusted with the care of more than 100 million samples for more than 40 years, and we have never failed to return a single sample.

Why choose Avantor for your biorepository services and research asset storage needs

Clinical research assets underpin the reproducible results and investigational outcomes powering scientific discovery and innovation. Our biorepository and archiving services address essential requirements and make us a trusted provider, enabling you to dedicate more time and resources to commercially valuable lab work.

Sample logistics

At Avantor, we offer 24-hour sample retrieval on-demand and reliable, efficient logistics expertise.

Material indexing and management

Our proprietary material management system gives you instant digital access to your indexed assets, so you can easily manage your complete inventory, submit work requests and generate standard or custom reports.

Lifecycle management

Our sample management strategies help ensure the care of your research samples through shipping, storage, and to their ultimate disposal.

Customized and dedicated service

Every stage of the process is managed by our on-site team of experts, along with automated tracking.

Avantor Clinical Services’ expertise in biorepository and archiving services spans over 40 years. We provide secure and compliant storage of critical assets to regulatory quality and audit standards, with complete data management and sample retrieval to help ensure the validity of your critical research assets.

We are equipped with more than 3 million cubic feet (85,000 cubic meters) of GxP compliant storage space across the United States and Europe. That gives us the scale and flexibility to manage biorepository and archiving requirements globally through all stages of preclinical and clinical trials.

Ensuring Clinical Research and Outcomes

Intensifying pressure to increase efficiency and expedite discovery in clinical trials makes finding the right biorepository and archiving services partner more critical than ever.

With so much at stake, research scientists and clinical trial managers need complete confidence in our asset logging and management, storage in optimal conditions, preserving sample integrity, and 24-hour retrieval on demand.

Securing Clinical Research Assets Now and For the Future

Avantor’s purpose-built facilities offer expertly-managed asset storage, with dedicated on-site Clinical Services teams to oversee the shipping, tracking, integrity, and storage of vital research materials at a superior standard of care.

With biostorage and archiving facilities providing secure data management, easy sample retrieval, backups and redundancies, and customized services, we’ve been entrusted with more than 100 million samples to date – and never failed to return one.

We don’t just store, we take care.

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