Enabling life-altering, breakthrough treatments for patients

Today’s biologic drugs are providing breakthrough treatment options for many of the world’s most challenging diseases and chronic conditions.

As a supplier for the largest biopharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, Avantor® is trusted to provide the products, services, solutions and expertise necessary to quickly and confidently move through research and production. From the small-scale bench, to pilot plant and full commercial manufacturing, we enable our customers to reach the market with new treatments for patients, faster and safer.

We provide a unique combination of industry expertise with the broadest portfolio of products and materials engineered and manufactured to satisfy the highest quality standards and regulatory requirements for your final product—whether it is a vaccine, monoclonal antibody, recombinant protein, cell therapy, gene therapy or small molecule treatment.

Focused on the success of your applications and processes


Avantor is a strategic partner with proven insight into the biopharmaceutical industry’s workflows, needs and challenges. Serving your needs from discovery to commercial launch, our portfolio of industry-leading production chemicals, single-use solutions and sera are backed by our deep commitment to quality and innovation.

Starting with raw material procurement and ranging to cGMP manufacturing at multiple scales, handling and distribution, we emphasize all aspects of quality in our own processes. Our quality systems are proven and have been audited by biopharmaceutical manufacturers and regulatory bodies worldwide. We keep you informed of pertinent changes that could impact your processes to help you achieve faster compliance and clear the path for regulatory approval.

Our channel, VWR®, part of Avantor, provides an integrated purchasing experience that is optimized for the way you do business, with access to an even broader selection of products to use in upstream and downstream processes as well as final fill formulations.

Opportunities and challenges in cell and gene therapy development

Q&A interview with Ger Brophy, Executive Vice President for Biopharma Production at Avantor

Biopharma offerings

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)

From a full range of cGMP production chemicals to single-use assemblies, our products address the need to maintain quality, activity and stability throughout the entire process of producing mAbs.

Recombinant proteins

Recombinant proteins are manufactured using microbial (E. coli) expression systems. Cell culture supplements,  chromatography resins and a broad range of excipients are among the products we offer for this application.


Primarily developed to target infectious diseases, new vaccine concepts are now focusing on immune-oncology applications. Animal sera and buffer components are among the products we offer that are used in vaccine manufacturing.

Cell therapy

Cell therapies are offering new hope for patients in the fight against life-altering diseases like cancer. Our fill and finish excipients, cell culture media and sera all of which can be tailored packaged for the new cell therapy needs are among the products we offer for this developing bioprocessing application.

Gene therapy

Gene therapies offer the prospect of curative benefits to patients with genetic or acquired diseases. From fermentation media to culture plasma DNA vectors, as well as purification of CAR vectors used to engineer T-cells, our resources can help drive new cures.

Small molecule

No matter how the drug or treatment is delivered, small molecule pharmaceutical manufacturers know they can formulate, manufacture and innovate with confidence using excipients and other products from Avantor.

Avantor® is a leading global provider of mission-critical products and services to customers in the life sciences and advanced technologies & applied materials industries. The company operates in more than 30 countries and delivers an extensive portfolio of products and services. As our channel brand, VWR offers an integrated, seamless purchasing experience that is optimized for the way our customers do business. We set science in motion to create a better world. For information visit, and find us on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.