Avantor Foundation

Letter from the president

Thank you for your interest in the Avantor Foundation.

As one of the Founders of the Avantor Foundation, I have witnessed firsthand its positive impact over the past ten years. From distributing our very first grant to the Seattle Children’s Hospital Foundation—to the thousands of students we have inspired through STEM curriculum—the Avantor Foundation enables us to go beyond what Avantor does each day to provide much-needed support to our communities. However, 2020 marks a new milestone and we are excited to announce the next chapter in our success.

After completing a thorough strategic review, we have identified ways to better refine our operations and, more importantly, our mission:

… to create a better world by advancing science education and providing healthcare to the needy.  

The Avantor Foundation is supporting the future of science by investing in science education and funding community-based organizations that teach science and technology to students in underserved, academic institutions. We are also providing basic healthcare services and workers to people who are impoverished, do not have easy access to healthcare services, or are disaster survivors.

With support from Avantor employees, the Foundation is proactively seeking organizations from around the world to help bring this mission to life. At the same time, we will be distributing fewer, but larger, grants to make a broader impact.

Thank you for taking this journey with us—we can’t wait to get started again! We look forward to working closely with you to help create a better world.   

Please explore our website, which includes additional information about the Foundation and its grantees.   


Valerie Cucinotta Collado
President & Board Member
Avantor Foundation

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