Advancing science education and providing healthcare to people in underserved communities.

Avantor Foundation

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The Avantor Foundation’s mission is to create a better world by advancing science education and providing healthcare to those in need.

For more than 10 years now, the foundation has enabled us to go beyond what Avantor and our associates do each day through our business lines to provide much-needed support to our communities.

Investing in the future of science

The future of the world depends on science and technology; however, the number of students pursuing science and technology degrees – especially among women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other diverse communities – is low. To address the gaps, the Avantor Foundation funds:

  • Community-based organizations that teach science and technology in high schools
  • Science labs in schools and small colleges/universities that need support with technology, equipment and/or talent

Our goal is to encourage and equip the next generation to succeed in these important fields of study.

Bringing healthcare to people in need

Across the globe, many people still do not have easy access to medical facilities or traditional healthcare providers and are in desperate need of quality medical care. The Avantor Foundation funds organizations that bring basic healthcare services and healthcare workers to those in need.

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