Associate Health, Safety and Well-being

Encouraging holistic health and wellness

With associates working in various settings such as research labs, manufacturing and distribution centers, and offices, we are vigilant in managing and ensuring the safety of our associates within the workplace.

Our approach to protecting our associates leverages the expertise of environment, health and safety professionals and process engineers who identify risks and implement solutions to prevent accidents before they occur. A robust auditing program is in place at every facility to ensure that we measure performance and drive continuous improvement.

Avantor safety minutes

Rooted in our ICARE value of Excellence, safety is embedded throughout our business and we provide continuous training for every associates. One highlight of our safety culture is Avantor Safety Minutes learning and reference materials, available to all associates to briefly discuss safety topics and best practices at the start of meetings.

Associate and family health and well-being

We continue to prioritize associate mental health and emotional well-being through our Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) covering topics such as stress, anxiety, self-care, parenting, resiliency, and caregiving. We also added extended parental leave and paid time off for foster care, adoption, birth and non-birth parenting that will go into effect in 2022.

Staying healthy and connected with Avantor in motion

To encourage associates to stay healthy, stay connected with colleagues, while sparking some friendly competition, we hosted two global Avantor in Motion challenges. In addition to physical activity, the challenges focused on specific health behaviors, such as reducing non-essential screen time, taking stretch breaks, getting appropriate amounts of sleep and practicing active relaxation. Over 2,800 associates participated in these challenges.

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