advanced technologies

Advanced technologies & applied materials

Ultra-high-purity offerings essential to manufacturing products for tough environments

Whether in the extremes of space or in the nanoscale world of semiconductor fabrication, advanced technology materials from Avantor® play a pivotal role in the most demanding applications and environments in the world today.

Our ultra-high-purity materials and chemistries are essential to the manufacturing of products used in extremely demanding applications. Whether it’s fabricating the semiconductors that power our digital world or the satellites that connect people and communities across the globe, companies count on Avantor to provide materials with the highest levels of stability and integrity to meet the high standard these advanced systems require.

And for food and beverage producers across the globe, food-grade chemistries and food and beverage test systems from Avantor offer the purity and accuracy needed to meet regulatory requirements and sustain productive operations.

Making the right choice for fuel- and solvent-resistant silicones

Learn how high-purity fluorosilicones resist degradation and maintain performance in aviation and defense applications.

Advanced technologies & applied materials offerings

Aviation and defense

High-performance aerospace and defense applications require the unique benefits our silicones provide in extreme environments.


Our expertise in ultra-low outgassing silicones and customization capabilities deliver solutions to an industry where purity is essential.

Semiconductor and MEMS

Our advanced proprietary surface treatment materials are known worldwide for application-specific consistency in front-end-of-line (FEOL) through back-end-of-line (BEOL) fabrication processes.

Optoelectronics and electronics

Thermally and electrically conductive silicones are ideal materials for digital displays, addressing the ever-growing size, the elevated heat concerns and the clear need for purity.

Food and beverage

Our products, chemicals, instruments and equipment for the food and beverage industry help customers improve the efficiency of production processes, comply with regulatory standards, reduce costly rework and waste and maximize the value of products across a variety of nutritional applications.

Avantor Advanced Technology brands

Our products and platforms for advanced technology applications are offered through two widely respected brands:

  • Through our NuSil® brand, we are a market-leading manufacturer of ultra-high-purity space-grade silicones that remain elastic at low temperatures and resist breakdown at high temperatures, offering excellent utility in space, where materials are repeatedly exposed to extreme temperatures. More on NuSil® brand.
  • The J.T.Baker® brand provides customizable chemistry platforms that help improve semiconductor and electronics manufacturing performance, meet process improvement goals faster, enhance product quality while lowering total cost of ownership and speed up time to market. More on J.T.Baker® brand.

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