• Two-part, gray silicone adhesive system
  • Cures at room temperature or rapidly by applying heat in an oven or by a heat gun or lamp
  • Does not require atmospheric moisture to cure
  • No curing byproducts such as acetic acid or methyl alcohol
  • Product available in easy-to-use, airless side-by-side kits that eliminate mixing and deairing difficulties
  • 1:1 Mix Ratio (Part A: Part B)


  • Adhesive for bonding and sealing silicones to each other and other substrates such as metals and plastics
  • For rapid production or prototyping due to a rapid cure

Product Details

Property Average Result
Cure System Platinum
Extrusion Rate 180 g/minute
Lap Shear 145 psi (1 MPa)
Durometer 45 Type A
Appearance Dark Gray
Cure 2 hours / 65 °C
Dielectric Strength 825 volts/mil (32.18 kV/mm)
Elongation 400 %
Mix Ratio 1:1
Specific Gravity 1.17
Stress at Strain 525 psi / 200 % (3.62 MPa / 200 %)
Tear 150 ppi (26.46 kN/m)
Tensile 1,050 psi (7.24 MPa)
Work Time 15 minutes
Comment Primerless Adhesive;Gray, tough, fast cure adhesive. Will RTV. 145 psi (1.0 MPa), unprimed and 600 psi (4.1 MPa) primed (CF1-135) lap shear.

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The test data shown for this material is the average value for typical properties. All of these properties may not be tested on a lot to lot basis and cannot be used to draft specifications. Please contact NuSil for assistance and recommendations in establishing limits for product specifications.