• Two-part, low outgassing, clear silicone gel
  • 1.40 refractive index
  • Low modulus
  • Cures at room temperature or rapidly with heat
  • 1:1 Mix Ratio (Part A: Part B)


  • For protection of sensitive photonics assemblies from mechanical shock, thermal shock, dust, and ambient atmosphere
  • As an embedding or potting compound for environmental protection of electronic assemblies and components, such as LEDs
  • For applications requiring low outgassing and minimal volatile components to avoid contamination in sensitive devices
  • Extended work time allows voids in complex assemblies to fill in and permits time for any trapped air bubbles to float to the fluid surface and escape
  • UV and heat resistant
  • Handles stress during thermal cycling without cracking or delaminating
  • For applications requiring an operating temperature range of -65°C to 240°C (-85°F to 464°F)

Product Details

Property Average Result
Viscosity 19,800 cP (19,800 mPa*s)
Penetration 0.4 mm
Work Time 24 hours
Appearance Clear
Cure 30 minutes / 150 °C
Cure System Platinum
Dielectric Strength 350 volts/mil (13.65 kV/mm)
Ionic Content Cl <5 ppm
Ionic Content K <1 ppm
Ionic Content Na <2 ppm
Mix Ratio 1:1
Operating Temperature -65 °C / 240 °C
Refractive Index 1.40
Volume Resistivity 100,000,000,000,000 ohmcm
Comment Soft Low Tack Gel;Low volatility, 24 hr minimum potlife based on 2X initial viscosity

Specialty Silicones for Displays

The NuSil® line of optoelectronic silicones enable device manufacturers from smart phones to stadium screens and everything in between to create next-generation displays that are sharper, brighter and more rugged.

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The test data shown for this material is the average value for typical properties. All of these properties may not be tested on a lot to lot basis and cannot be used to draft specifications. Please contact NuSil for assistance and recommendations in establishing limits for product specifications.