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MarketSource sourcing solutions sources and procures specific or special products

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MarketSource sourcing solutions | Avantor

Avantor’s MarketSource sourcing solutions is a sourcing and procurement service that connects your lab to thousands of products—from reagents to antibodies and specialized lab supplies—that are not available through the standard offerings on our channel brand, VWR.

When you need a specific item and can’t find it, Avantor provides a one-stop shopping solution. Our global sourcing network, developed over years of finding quality lab supplies to sell on our e-commerce website, empowers us to find what you need–where and when you need it.

We source, manage, review for compliance (and other concerns), procure and ship direct from the factory.

Your scientists will have the materials they need, from reliable and reputable suppliers, in a timely way so they can get back to the bench faster for the real work—science.

Efficient access to critical lab supplies and materials—what you need, when you need it

There’s more to research and development materials than pipettes or thermometers. Basic lab supplies are a necessary foundation for projects. But many experiments hit a point where something new needs to be added to the mix—a specific reagent or antibody, or maybe a different chemical compound.

The scientific work that takes place at laboratories and research sites doesn’t have to stop when onsite inventory doesn’t meet the needs of the project.

Avantor’s MarketSource sourcing solutions is a streamlined system that can source and deliver lab supplies that are in compliance with internal and external standards—quickly.

When your team needs an item (or items) and searches for it on Avantor's global e-commerce platform, VWR or in the MarketSource portfolio (with thousands of products that complement our standard catalog) but can’t find what they are looking for, a solution is at their fingertips.

Simply use the digital “Open Req” form, and the Avantor MarketSource team will:

  • Source the product from its thousands of vendors
  • Let you know your options, including specific companies and pricing, so you can choose what best suits your needs
  • Ensure that suppliers for both catalog and non-catalog items are in compliance with local and regional regulations
  • Find a supplier that has what you need, even if none of our current suppliers do

If you can’t find what you are looking for, let us help you do it!

Manage cost, reduce vendor list and automate purchase & payment processes

Avantor’s MarketSource sourcing solutions does more than locate and supply lab supplies and materials. Our holistic approach enables:

Creation/Maintenance of Vendors

The cost, in both time and money, of managing multiple vendors (many of which are re-used infrequently) takes scientists away from their vital work. We reduce your vendor base in order to streamline procurement and decrease unnecessary expenses.

Spend Management (especially tail spend)

Tail spend—the 20 to 30 percent of the purchasing budget that’s often used for small or one-time purchases—is time consuming and difficult to track. Vendors must be approved, individual purchase orders generated and payment issued on a case-by-case basis. Fewer vendors and transparency of information—including existing stock and current suppliers—lets you manage spend and be more efficient.

Administrative efficiency

Integrate your ERP with a punchout solution, or simply use the ecommerce platform, to keep Avantor as the vendor. This simplifies the invoice and purchase order process. Order confirmation and follow-up keeps you up to date on product location and when it is expected onsite.


Procurement and material management services

Partnering with Avantor's MarketSource Solutions team lets your team put more time into the real work – science

When you choose to work with us to meet your team’s need to source and secure materials, you will discover that the years of distribution and supply chain management expertise we offer will make your inventory process:

  • We offer a global and local strategy, concept and process that works for the ecosystem that is your organization
  • We make ordering simple through our digital platforms, including our e-commerce site and the “Open Req” form
  • We offer global and local data visibility which gives you the transparency you need to avoid overstocking, understocking, and manage smaller purchases
Efficient and effective
  • We manage turnaround times so your team knows when to expect supplies and can plan accordingly
  • We provide independent, application-specific product sourcing so your team has precisely what they need
  • We can offer alternative products that help you manage spend
  • We create part numbers where possible so you have fewer non-catalog requests
  • We offer regulatory and compliance Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) so you have accurate information about your stock
  • We carry out substance classifications for MarketSource buys, which helps you to manage your product categories
  • We provide data and metrics reports, providing you with clear insights and analytics to manage budgets and processes

Our goal is to help you meet your goals, whether that’s by managing spend or creating more efficient ways to source and procure product—or both. Contact us today to find out how we can optimize your sourcing and procurement process.


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