mAbs scale-up: Success at every step.

Every step along the path to full-scale production is critical and must be carefully chosen to avoid interruptions or delays. From the very beginning, we work with you to design an agile scale-up process using the right materials, systems and components for your specific mAb environment. We’ll help you plan early to plan for success.

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mAbs Scale Up | Avantor

Scale-up should be seamless, not siloed. You can rely on our technical expertise at every stage of development to customize a holistic manufacturing process for your unique mAb, using the right raw materials, tools and processes.


Your challenge – our expertise

Fluid Handling at Any Scale


Agile, platform-based technologies provide the flexibility and continuity you need — with the right certified equipment — to handle small to large fluid volumes while maintaining quality in a closed system.

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From Research to GMP


Reduce steps in your process and potential raw material yield losses per run through direct delivery of custom, pre-weighed, high-quality cGMP chemicals and excipients.

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Customized Buffer Management


Reduce risk, labor and facility utilization by exploring our custom buffer management strategies. We consistently helpimprove process efficiency, meet critical buffer qualityattributes and adapt to changing volumes and deadlines.

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J.T. Baker® Viral Inactivation Solution

Improve viral inactivation efficiency and minimize introduction of impurities.

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PROchievA™ recombinant protein A

Enhance your separation power and increase product purity.

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Our Quality Promise

Rely on our proven quality management practices that minimize risk, reduce waste and avoid costly delays. Our globally aligned standards and a robust supplier audit program create continuity - for process control, documentation and supply chain redundancy — so you and your customer can be confident in the performance of your manufacturing process.


Our Consultative Approach

To optimize your process development and streamline production, engage with our trusted experts early in your planning phase. With our in-depth application knowledge, we develop robust, agile solutions that adapt to changing demands and improve process efficiency.


Our Global Footprint

Strengthen supply chain redundancy and visibility by leveraging our global network of cGMP and ISO-certified manufacturing sites, delivered locally. This powerful channel and delivery system for critical raw materials and qualified fluid handling technologies ensures traceable, vertically integrated products and services.



It is essential to consider cGMP compliance early in development rather than waiting until late clinical trials and/or large-scale production. This article explores how using well-characterized, high quality and cGMP raw materials and reagents earlier in the transition to large-scale commercial manufacturing can avoid process changes, bottlenecks and delays.

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To ensure the safety of biopharmaceuticals derived from mammalian cell culture, it is critical biomanufacturing processes can clear or inactivate potential viral contaminants.

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Avantor can make a difference in your buffer management process. Learn about our alternative solutions that we can quickly adapt to your needs at any size and scale.

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With new diseases emerging at record rates, it is critical to be ready and able to respond quickly and scale up production efficiently. Whether you are looking for short term process improvements and large volume handing or long-term supply chain sustainability for GMP quality chemicals – we have your back.

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