Comprehensive, customized fluid handling solutions

Innovation in bioprocessing starts with our personalized solutions that are flexible, scalable and optimized for your needs. Avantor® Masterflex® peristaltic pumps and single-use technologies move your science forward, faster.

Comprehensive and customized fluid handling solutions | Avantor

Innovation in biologics is transforming global health in remarkable ways. The vision of having the tools to manage and cure previously untreatable diseases is rapidly becoming a reality as novel approaches – like cell and gene therapies – move quickly from research to reality. 

Consequently, biopharmaceutical companies must be more flexible than ever before to meet the growing demand for life-altering biologics. At Avantor®, the foundation of our innovative approach to fluid handling is modular, highly customized and fit-for-purpose solutions that optimize production and enhance quality.

Our team of experts work with you to understand your goals and custom design a fluid handling system that supports the full scientific journey from discovery to delivery. If unpredictable deliveries, long lead times and rigid assemblies are slowing you down, turn to Avantor for fast, flexible and innovative single-use technologies and Masterflex® pump solutions.

Thought leadership

Single-use technology in cell and gene therapies

Adopting innovative single-use solutions for in-process sampling can be a tremendously effective way to advance the process of commercializing cell and gene therapies. Single-use assemblies offer flexibility and production efficiencies in order to help bring these life-altering treatments to market more quickly.

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For every pain point, our experts deliver customer-driven solutions

Effective use of fluid handling products in biologics manufacturing requires extensive product knowledge and broad applications experience. 

Our teams have both. In biopharma manufacturing operations around the globe, we’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and what’s possible with the right design and fluid handling technology in place.

In the end, however, you know the applications and operational demands better than anyone, so our approach is always to collaborate. We start by asking: what do you want to achieve?

In order to discover what barriers prevent your team from having an optimal production process, we review and discuss your current workflow until we’ve narrowed down the options and possibilities to those that will work for your application. Then, we design for that application, with a custom approach to choosing single-use technologies and pumps that will be the most optimal, reliable and intuitive — no matter the brand.

Whatever your challenges — increasing product yields, achieving lot-to-lot consistency or expediting the design and approval process — the Avantor team works with you to innovate a holistic fluid handling system. 

Key capabilities include:

  • Fully custom single-use solutions for fluid transfer and filtration assemblies, bag mixing systems and multi-bag and bottle manifolds which meet consistent regulatory standards at scale.
  • Peristaltic pumps and tubing from Avantor Masterflex that integrate with legacy systems yet deliver repeatable and consistent performance.
  • Skid systems (TFF, buffer dilution, etc.) designed and built with disposable fluid paths for specific unit operations.
  • Consultative approach to product development and prototyping.
Case study

Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) & Repligen

How the Masterflex Custom Engineering team partnered with Repligen on Custom OEM Pump TFF Filtration System.

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Customization using an open-architecture model 

Fluid handling systems — from simple tubing sets to complex mixing and tangential flow filtration systems — can be configured precisely to your specifications. As the only open-architecture fluid handling provider, Avantor integrates and interconnects various process components from our broad selection of brand-agnostic products. 

This openness does not imply that fluid handling solutions, particularly single-use assemblies, cannot be turnkey. We also build in the ability for the system to be duplicated with single-use technologies that can be deployed seamlessly across the entire process. This builds agility into the workflow, inherently, so that it’s simpler to scale up or scale out.

What sets Avantor apart is not just our ability to custom design systems reliably and quickly, but rather our consistent aseptic performance. This consistency gives customers peace of mind as they benefit from streamlined workflows, reduced contamination risk and improved resource efficiency that deliver quality final products quickly at scale. 

Whether your team focuses on the production of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), cell and gene therapies, or vaccines, choose Avantor for the ingenuity and expertise necessary to create a fluid handling solution that is intuitive and productive while reducing risk and cost. This returns valuable time and resources back to your scientists so that they, too, can continue to innovate.

Innovation spotlight: An aseptic sampling solution for cell & gene therapy applications

Cell and gene manufacturing requires small batch sampling to preserve the quality and availability of the end therapy for the patient. Sampling must also be performed in a way that facilitates both repeatable outcomes and compliance with regulatory standards. The best way to ensure this is through a sampling process preformed using an aseptic (closed) system. Many sampling procedures today are open and, therefore, subject the entire process to contamination.

A closed system solution utilizing single-use technologies like the Avantor OmniTop Sample Tubes™ adjustable volume sampling system (AVSS) provides an aseptic solution to what is otherwise an open sampling process. This minimizes contamination risk to critical cell and gene therapies. In addition to minimizing risk, the OmniTop Sample Tubes™ AVSS can also help optimize biopharma production processes by reducing sample size errors (over-sampling) and volume loss.

Adopting innovative single-use solutions for in-process sampling ensures more efficient, reliable cell and gene therapy production. The end result? Faster delivery of more dependable treatments to patients.

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