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Lab hardware solutions help make supplies and consumables traceable, more secure, and available 24/7.

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Researchers and scientists like you have a lot to do every day. Some of those tasks may take you away from the bench, but one task that should not take up your time is finding the supplies you need.

We know that important work shouldn’t stop because you lack mission-critical items.

That’s why Avantor® Services lab hardware solutions offer easy, secure access to the lab supplies and consumables you need throughout the day. Your scientists know what they need at their bench, and you know that the best lab management practice is to have those materials conveniently accessible and traceable to maintain budgets.

When used our proprietary, cloud-based inventory management software, and our Lab Hardware Solutions make managing lab inventory and tracking spending easier and more efficient. Together, our software and hardware offer a holistic approach to inventory and chemical management.

Kiosks, a self-checkout system that automatically tracks consumption, can process multiple items from your stockroom in one swipe. Vending machines are vendor agnostic, and allow you to stock various products, from gloves to batteries and other personal protective equipment. Mobile scanners simplify inventorying your stock, and that helps optimize re-stocking items.

Our hardware solutions help you manage lab supplies and inventory efficiently and effectively so that your team can spend its time innovating, researching, and delivering.

Hardware Solutions for Real People

Laboratories and scientific research sites are not 9-to-5 operations. From scientists to custodians, your staff needs to work when the work needs to be done.

Placing Avantor’s laboratory hardware in key locations makes it easier for staff to access the supplies they need when they need it. Vending machines make inventory available in areas of your facility where daily replenishment is challenging, while the mobile scanners help ensure that stockrooms have adequate stock for that replenishment. Add in a self-checkout kiosk (RFID or barcode capable) near your stockrooms and track consumption 24/7—without staffing the storage area.

Our hardware is synced with our proprietary software, Inventory Manager, making it easy to see which project or team member is using which products. Inventory levels update automatically, triggering an alert about replenishing if your stock level falls below a pre-set minimum. Read below to see all the advantages our laboratory hardware has to offer.

Avantor’s Lab Hardware Expertise On-Site

Avantor Services onsite teams can tailor inventory management solutions to meet your needs. Our onsite teams and digital solutions specialists collaborate with you to review your current processes, then use the findings to suggest the best hardware and software solutions to improve your systems.

We work to help you meet your goals and optimize your laboratory hardware and inventory operations, whether by helping you better manage spending or creating more efficient ways to track use—or both.

Our inventory manager provides 24/7 insight on your stock and on-site consumables procurement. Data and analytics generate clear visibility into critical lab operations. You’ll be able to see who uses what materials and how much of those materials are left.

Create a more secure, efficient, and cost-effective inventory management system. Contact us today!


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World-changing science can’t happen while you and your colleagues are looking for the materials you need.

That is when kiosks can help.

Avantor’s kiosks, both RFID and barcode capable, support inventory management processes that are efficient and cost-effective. Members of your team who have accounts can take the lab supplies that they need from a stockroom and scan the RFID tag or barcode. The kiosk will track both the user and the item. This scanning technology is familiar and user-friendly, with simple commands on the touchscreen dashboard such as “check out the stock.”

Kiosks make it easier to:

  • Manage inventory in real-time and track consumption
  • Make items detectable, adding a level of security and accountability
  • Maintain inventory with greater expiration date transparency
  • Organize lab supplies and equipment from multiple vendors

The most important benefit to kiosks is all items are tracked so you’ll know when you’re low on supplies. The kiosks are self-checkout, so you don’t have to have someone working and monitoring the checkout process. You can work on your own instead and check items out as needed.


Mobile Scanners and Mobile App

Avantor’s mobile app (available for Android and iOS) allows mobile devices to operate as scanners. Our mobile scanners offer the same ease of use as the mobile app but with online and offline use options.

To use either the mobile scanner or the mobile app, scan the stockroom label to automatically record the storage area you are inventorying. Then scan the product catalog number (barcode) and enter the quantity. Upload the completed count to Inventory Manager, and the data will be available quickly so your team can:

  • Order and replenish stock proactively
  • Know what stock is available in real-time
  • Avoid losing or misplacing valuable supplies

You can schedule reports for specific times or generate a report whenever you need it. Avantor allows you to customize your application dashboard and add personalized widgets so you will never be without the information you need.


Vending Machines

Avantor vending machines make inventory available at your location whenever you need it. They also give you control over the amount of each item available at a time, such as a single pair of shoe covers rather than a full box. The vending machine is versatile, with soft-drop technology that’s safe for glassware and options for ambient- or cold-temperature levels.

Vending machines sync with Avantor’s proprietary Inventory Manager software. Vends are tracked at the user level, so it’s easy to manage spend and alleviate theft concerns. Vending offers your team:

  • Cost control/data at the department, user, and cost center level
  • 24/7 availability
  • Logging in before removing stock adds a level of security
  • Customized software that accurately tracks items in each lane of the unit

One of the most important features of our vending machine is that you can choose the size that works for your lab. If you’re working on only a small number of projects, a single unit might be for you. As your projects grow you can size up to hold the supplies you need.

Ready to move your next innovation forward? Avantor Services can help.