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Buffer management solutions for biomanufacturing | Avantor

Buffers play a significant role in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. They represent the major component by number and overall volume used in biopharma downstream processing steps. Buffer preparation makes up a substantial portion of a facility’s footprint and overall cost, labor requirements, and equipment.

That’s why Avantor® offers a wide range of buffer management solutions to help you save time and reduce expenses. We can help you resolve your buffer management challenges to help reduce your manufacturing footprint, save time, and reduce manufacturing expenses.

There are several ways to supply buffers and process liquids. One way is to manufacture buffers in-house with purified water that meets USP standards or water for injection (WFI) standards to hydrate powders in stainless steel or single-use tanks.

This method may be ideal for a large volume of stock solutions; these are resource-intensive activities that need significant infrastructure. That includes warehouse space for storing raw materials and a weighing and dispensing area.

Considering the complexity and cost of buffer preparation, using hydrated, premade liquid buffers and buffer concentrates can save time and resources and reduce overall buffer management costs.

Optimize Your Buffer Preparation Processes

Depending on the size of your biopharma manufacturing operations—whether you operate a large-scale biomanufacturing facility or a smaller operation—different approaches to resolve buffer management can be applied as stand-alone solutions or combined with other strategies to achieve workflow improvements. Among those approaches are:

  • Ready-to-use cGMP buffer solutions
  • Buffer concentrates, used with line dilution
  • Buffer stock concentrates used in with buffer stock blending

By understanding and evaluating alternative buffer management strategies and the resources you’ll need to execute them, you can help ensure you have the tools necessary to remain competitive in today’s growing bioprocessing industry.


Avantor can make a difference in your buffer management process. Learn about our alternative solutions that we can quickly adapt to your needs at any size and scale.

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Reduce total cost of buffer prep and management by leveraging Avantor’s media and buffer preparation capabilities.

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Flexible, cost-efficient infrastructure and on-time delivery of buffers are required to meet process demands in mAbs manufacturing. Single-use delivery systems, in powder or liquid form, can help accomplish these goals while reducing the risk of contamination, among other benefits.

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Start optimizing your buffer management with options offered by Avantor.

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