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As science races to meet demand for scientific breakthrough, lab output resides at the center of unprecedented expectation. In order to meet this growing market demand and offset decreasing ROI, companies have turned the trend of outsourcing lab work into an important business truth: science is now a service needed to propel companies forward. Rising to this challenge requires labs to assess the efficiency of their workflows and leverage modes of optimization that fast track discovery.

At Avantor, we are a global partner to labs focused on building out scientific teams with the acumen to support and accelerate all aspects of their research. As scientists helping other scientists, our technical lab services teams of degree-level chemists, biologists, and engineers support research and development, quality control, and GxP-based workflows. Our flexible, customizable on-site and off-site deployment models ensure your lab has the technical support required, exactly when and where needed.

Creating Time Out of Smarter Science

One of the most valuable assets in the quest of discovery is the scientific leadership guiding a lab’s path. Maximizing the ability of these high-value resources to focus on strategic decision making - instead of performing protocol-based work - creates significant opportunities to advance project timelines and increase a lab’s overall research output.

Accelerate Project Timelines with Technical Lab Services

The end-to-end success of your project relies on a scientific team contributing just the right expertise at exactly the right time. As scientists ourselves, at Avantor our mission of setting science in motion to create a better world is evidenced by our teams of technical lab associates serving as trusted project colleagues to customers in biopharma, pharmaceutical, educational, industrial, and high-tech industries.

Applying scientific expertise and insights to each customer’s unique vision, our technical lab associates perform bench and non-bench responsibilities aligned to your scientific discipline. Our scientific services are focused on performing tasks and creating efficiencies within the lab pipeline, freeing valuable time for higher complexity work. Our media and buffer preparation services are fully customizable to your protocol and offer the dual benefit of consistency and quality while adhering to strict GMP standards. This stream of excellence continues in our sample management services. Entrusted to serve as sample stewards, we manage all aspects of sample handling including requests, storage, retrieval, and shipping. This transparent, full-cycle service model ensures sample stability by limiting the number of external processing points along the work stream.

To accelerate your project timeline with expert, on-site and off-site technical lab support and services, contact us.

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Customized on- and off-site media and buffer preparation expertise to support research objectives.

Extending your support team with on-site scientific personnel performing protocol-driven work and driving efficiency.

End-to-end sample management services supported by global storage facility network.

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