Responsible Supplier Program

Responsible Supplier Program | Avantor

Our supply chain is both complex and wide reaching. We have a responsibility to ensure this supply chain not only delivers for our customers, but also operates in a manner that is effective in protecting the environment and strengthening communities.

The Responsible Supplier Program is our approach to embed sustainability practices throughout our supply chain and ensure Avantor’s suppliers are well positioned to meet the sustainability challenges of the future. The Responsible Supplier Program has three activation pillars:

Performance pillar:

  • Identify our priority sustainability topics and indicators and those suppliers likely to have the largest impact across our priority sustainability topics
  • Monitor suppliers’ progress against our priority sustainability topics
  • Identify gaps in performance and address these

Collaboration pillar:

  • Collaborate on a one-to-one basis with our suppliers to improve performance gaps and progress mutually beneficial sustainability opportunities
  • Form collaboration groups with our supplier partners to address macro-level sustainability concerns and opportunities in the supply chain
  • Proactively provide sustainability solutions resulting from collaboration efforts to our supplier base to accelerate sustainability progress

Recognition pillar:

  • Incentivize our suppliers to adopt sustainable behaviors and practices
  • Recognize those suppliers who accelerate our priority sustainability topics and engage on sustainability with an open-source mindset
  • Publicly reward those suppliers who perform and collaborate well on sustainability

View our responsible supply chain statements: