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Management of change

Robust programs and tools to minimize risk

Our Management of Change (MOC) and change notification programs help you stay in control of changing situations, minimizing risks to your production processes.

How Avantor's programs work

  • Conditions that may be subject to change are proactively identified by Avantor's quality and regulatory teams.
  • Associated risks are evaluated and key staff in your organization are notified, per the applicable change notification procedure

We currently have three programs tied to our specific brands:

  1. Management of Change (MOC) for J.T.Baker® and Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand products
  2. Change Notification Service (CNS) for products purchased through VWR
  3. Change Notification for NuSil brand products

Avantor Management of Change Program:

The Avantor MOC program puts key information into your hands for J.T.Baker® and Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand products so you can stay in control of changing situations and minimize risks associated with changes to manufacturing processes.

These products are classified under change control tiers to ensure you always get the MOC notification you need for each specific product. You will receive Change Notification communications from Avantor via your registered email if you have either enrolled in our Management of Change (MOC) program or have directly purchased an affected product within the past three years.

MOC CategoryHR
Highly Regulated
Regulated Limited
Non-Regulated, With Information
Bulk PharmaceuticalYesYesYesNoNo
Intended/Potential UseAPI, BPEBPEProcessing Aids, FoodReagentsReagents
GradesUSP, NF, EP, BP, JP, ChPUSP, NF, EP, BP, JP, ChPIP, EP, FCCACS, ReagentsACS, Reagents
Notification of ChangeYes, Level 2Yes, Level 2Yes, Level 2Limited if registered in MOC databaseNone
Industry ReferenceIPEC, Q7IPEC, Q7FCC, IP, EUNoneNone
Regulating BodyFDA, cGMPFDA, cGMPIFDA, EU, Food GMPNoneNone

VWR, Part of Avantor, Change Notification Service (CNS):

Change notification for products purchased through VWR is available by registration through the VWR CNS program, which provides complete, consistent, reliable and transparent access to change notification for these materials. A secure web platform allows customers to see new change notices, as well as a history of past changes.

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NuSil’s Change Notification

For more information on NuSil’s Change Notification policy please contact us at [email protected]