Environmentally Preferable Products Program

Environmentally Preferred Products | Avantor

Through our Environmentally Preferable Products program, we can provide greater transparency to our customers, helping them make informed sustainable purchasing decisions. Working with our suppliers, we identify and designate sustainable products, materials and equipment based on one or more of the attributes listed below:

  • Energy efficient
  • Water efficient
  • Waste reducing
  • Sustainable materials
  • Low manufacturing impact
  • Safer human and environmental health
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Product transparency

By providing this product information, our teams can partner with our customers to benchmark sustainable purchasing today and begin to identify more sustainable alternatives.

How Products Become EPP

All products must incorporate one or more of the sustainability attributes to qualify for the Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) green leaf designation. Each product claim is reviewed against a verification methodology that outlines the acceptable criteria which a product must fulfill in order to obtain the EPP designation.

How to Access EPP Products

All EPP products are searchable and identifiable on via the green leaf icon. When available, the ability to filter under the Criteria tab for “Environmentally Preferable” will appear for each Product Category. Once the Environmentally Preferable box is selected, click “Refine Criteria” and all the EPP products for that category will be displayed.

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