Avantor Business System

Driving a culture of learning, continuous improvement and execution

Avantor Business System | Avantor

Setting science in motion to create a better world is what we do – the Avantor Business System (ABS) comprises the leadership capability, lean processes and tools that enable us to do it

The Avantor Business System (ABS) underpins our work and drives excellence in people, processes and leadership. We engage and empower our associates using these unified practices and standard processes based on proven lean principles to continuously improve and deliver value to our stakeholders:

  • Built on the foundation of our core values and a common vision, we use ABS to rigorously execute our strategies using unified practices and standard processes.
  • A relentless focus on eliminating waste to increase value for our stakeholders is the core of our continuous improvement approach.
  • From associate-led daily improvements to transformational strategic breakthrough improvements, our kaizen philosophy is all about making tomorrow better than today.
  • We systematically identify, share, implement and improve our best practices.
  • Using ABS, we learn, teach, experiment, reflect, and lead by example to create a learning organization where every associate can grow their capabilities to accomplish our vision for tomorrow.

We align ourselves to a core set of key performance indicators at each level of the organization to enable performance management and continual personal development.

Simply put, ABS is more than just a set of tools. It is all about people, processes and leadership to drive profitable growth and operational excellence. ABS is how we think.

Avantor Business System infographic