As the world demands solutions for increasingly complex medical conditions and diseases, scientific organizations face greater pressure to build momentum and develop breakthroughs. Avantor Services is ready to help.

We have the expertise and specialized services to accelerate innovation pipelines, maximize resources and achieve new efficiencies in scientific workflows. Our expertise in scientific operations and digital technology helps organizations eliminate operational bottlenecks.

The result: Scientists are free to focus on developing the next breakthrough. It’s just one more way we help set science in motion.

Your trusted partner, helping you accelerate innovation

For more than 40 years, Avantor has focused on evolving a wide-ranging portfolio of services. We now have over 2,200 associates working with more than 500 customers around the world, including major biopharma, pharmaceutical, educational and industrial research organizations. 

We’ve supported these organizations with lab services, clinical services and production services, helping them transform their operations and solve complex challenges. In the process, we’ve returned thousands of hours of productive time to science.

White paper: Science as a service

Scientists and labs operating at peak efficiency to foster innovation