Helping you accelerate speed to market

Our services teams work closely with you to identify biopharma scale-up bottlenecks, streamline production processes, and improve efficiency and productivity so you can shorten time to market for life-saving molecules. All services teams work jointly to address the most pressing needs of R&D, scale up and commercial manufacturing.

Avantor has three scale-up and development service offerings to support your needs:

  • New product development: supports emerging needs for new molecules, providing new or improved materials— from cell culture supplements, buffers and chromatography resins to novel excipients—at multiple cGMP scales to minimize risk for drug development transitions between R&D and commercial drug manufacturing.
  • Downstream process optimization: focuses on reducing downstream turnaround times by optimizing resin and buffer selections, enhancing yield and purity and decreasing process times. We couple these services with training and assistance alongside column-packing and configuration to help drive efficiency.
  • Raw material characterization and analysis: supports you at process development stages to characterize ideal raw materials for each molecule, extending the service to troubleshooting commercial manufacturing stage concerns.

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