Expert support where you need it

Our trained associates perform a wide range of duties, onsite or offsite, applying their expertise and proven processes to drive efficiency and productivity. Location by location, lab by lab, we work with you to define and scale the exact package of services to support your goals.

Qualified associates with backgrounds in chemistry, biology and engineering can support a wide variety of protocol-driven science, delivering expertise to advance your scientific vision. Our scientists perform vital yet non-core activities, like lab preparation, chromatography, sample processing, cell culture and bioprocessing support. Our teams handle these tasks while your scientists concentrate on what they do best—achieving breakthroughs. 

Our inventory management services and technology make sure you have the laboratory and production supplies you need. Plus full life-cycle management of chemicals, from custom solutions to manufacturing, procurement, inventory, distribution and disposal.

The lab and production services that we provide include:

  • Inventory and chemical management 
    • Stockroom management 
    • Point-of-use management 
    • Digital solutions: Inventory Manager and Chemical Manager 
  • Lab and production support 
    • Media and buffer preparation 
    • GxP sanitization 
    • Garment management 
  • Science as a service 
    • Protocol-driven workflows 
  • Lean operations consulting 

Success story: Ensuring chemical inventory compliance

Combining our Chemical Manager software and onsite support, we helped a chemical company manage expired chemicals, ensuring audit compliance.

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