How to ship to Avantor®

Instructions for inbound shipments

Please refer to the following instructions for inbound shipments to Paris, Kentucky, and Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

Avantor Preferred Carriers for Inbound Shipments

Less Than Truckload (LTL) (150 lb to 15,000 lb, or <10 pallets)

The table below provides helpful information for shipping. The state of the Avantor site you are shipping to is listed in the first column, and your origin state is in the second. For pickup, call the applicable primary carrier using the phone number provided in the second table. If the primary carrier does not respond, call the backup carrier.

Destination State Origin States Primary Carrier Backup Carrier
KY PA, NJ, OH, IL, NY, OR, MD, WI, MO, AZ, WV, CO, WA, all others not listed R&L Estes
KY CA, KY, CT, AL, ME, MA, LA, MI, DE, AR, OK Estes R&L
KY IN, MN, IA Dayton Estes
KY TX, TN, MS, SC, NC, GA Southeastern R&L
KY Canada UPS Freight  
NJ TX, VT, MI, NH, IN, FL, IA, MO, GA, KY, MA, all others not listed Estes R&L
NJ CO, VA R&L Estes
NJ PA, NJ, NC, NY Ward Estes
NJ OH, CA, IL, TN, WA UPS Freight  
NJ Canada UPS Freight  
All other than KY/NJ US states R&L Estes
All other than KY/NJ Canada UPS Freight  
Carrier Name SCAC Phone
Dayton Freight DAFG (800) 860-5102
Estes Express Lines EXLA (866) 378-3748
R&L Carriers RLCA (800) 543-5589
Southeastern Freight Lines SEFL (800) 637-7335
UPS Freight UPGF (800) 333-7400, option 1
Ward Trucking WARD (800) 458-3625

Avantor Preferred Carriers for Inbound Shipments

Full Truck Load (FTL) Quantities (15,000 lb to 38,500 lb, or >10 pallets)

Carrier Name SCAC Email Phone Service Area*
BNSF Logistics BNLS [email protected] (844) 797-8187 Paris, KY and Phillipsburg, NJ

*Where you are shipping to

Please send invoices for Avantor-paid freight to via email to: [email protected], or to the following address:  

Avantor Performance Materials, LLC
C/O Odyssey Logistics & Technology (OL&T)
P.O. Box 19749 Dept. 34
Charlotte, NC 28219