The education and academic research community make a vital contribution to science, continually expanding the frontiers of our knowledge. Avantor® has a long and successful history serving the education research community, supplying laboratory chemicals, consumables and equipment that help catalyze innovation and create a better world.

Our broad portfolio of products for research applications help our customers uncover the scientific breakthroughs that help cure illnesses, protect the environment and meet stringent regulations all over the world.

Our full suite of analytical and lab research tools includes:

  • Materials and consumables: high-purity specialty chemicals and reagents, lab products and supplies, customized excipients, customized single-use assemblies, analytical chromatography resins and columns, analytical sample prep kits and education and microbiology and clinical trial kits.         
  • Equipment and instrumentation: Filtration systems, virus inactivation systems, incubators, analytical instruments, evaporators, ultra-low-temperature freezers, biological safety cabinets and critical environment supplies.
  • Services and specialty procurement: Onsite lab and production support, clinical, equipment, procurement and sourcing and biopharmaceutical material scale-up and development services.