Avantor® Foundation

Avantor Foundation

The Avantor Foundation, established in 2009 as the VWR Foundation, was founded by a group of associates dedicated to giving back to the science community.

As a global business, we recognize the importance of making a difference by helping to advance science. 

The Foundation mission is to support organizations and programs aligned with three strategic priorities:

  • Advance RESEARCH for new innovation and scientific application
  • Improve HEALTH and WELL-BEING
  • Build greater awareness and improvement in SCIENCE EDUCATION

Since its inception, the Foundation has celebrated many key milestones:

  • 2009 – Established with the IRS and gave its first grant
  • 2010 – Launched the VWR Matching and VWR Collection programs
  • 2012 – Provided its 50th grant of over $100,000 to build a science lab at the Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School
  • 2014 – Celebrated its 5-year anniversary and surpassed the $1 million-dollar mark in donations
  • 2016 – Surpassed the $2 million-dollar mark in donations to over 120 organizations and programs
  • 2018 – Surpassed the $4 million-dollar mark in donations
  • 2019 – Celebrated its 10-year anniversary

The Foundation continues to provide grants to worthy organizations aligned with its mission. To date, it has provided over $4 million worth of grants to more than 240 organizations.

To learn more about the Avantor Foundation or to apply for a grant, visit the Foundation’s home page.