Whether in the extremes of space or in the nanoscale world of semiconductor fabrication, advanced technology materials from Avantor® play a pivotal role in the most demanding applications and environments in the world today.

Our ultra-high-purity materials and chemistries are essential to the manufacturing of products used in extremely demanding applications. Whether it’s fabricating the semiconductors that power our digital world or the giant satellites that connect people and communities across the globe, companies count on Avantor to provide materials with the highest levels of stability and integrity to meet the high standard these advanced systems require.

And for food and beverage producers across the globe, food-grade chemistries and food and beverage test systems from Avantor offer the purity and accuracy needed to meet regulatory requirements and sustain productive operations.

Protect circuit boards from environmental risks

Our family of silicone conformal coatings efficiently and reliably protects electronic components and helps ensure long operating life. Let us put our silicone expertise to work for you.