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Careful planning during clinical trial materials manufacturing can ensure flexibility and compliance as processes scale. Get insights on early cGMP considerations, innovative technologies and how a partner with end to end capabilities — from kitting to long-term storage — streamlines the scale-up process.

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Over the past 10 years, the rapid growth and use of social media networks by the general population has created a powerful new tool for pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations (CROs) to engage with patients, and recruit them for clinical trials. CROs and pharmaceutical study sponsors are still learning how to effectively use social and digital media as part of their participant recruitment strategies.

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Regular monitoring and robust auditing are at the heart of a successful quality control process. They work symbiotically to ensure the quality of your trial data and the protection of your participants...

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The value of the lab manager role details how a lab manager can help you move science forward

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The field of home diagnostics has seen significant innovation and advancement in the past few decades – and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the growing use of home testing has allowed important clinical research to continue remotely.

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The safety and integrity of your research material is of critical importance to your participants, your trial, and your reputation.

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How the supply chain will need to adapt to support the growth of Decentralized Clinical Trials

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Clinical trials are essential in bringing new treatments to market, but successful outcomes require global logistics to be carefully considered and rigorously planned.

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Partnering to support the lab of the future

The lab of the future is being shaped by the trends of globalization, systemization and digitization.

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Effective and reliable methods for clinical researchers to conduct patient testing have always been important to the successful execution of studies supporting vaccine development and disease diagnostics.

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Running a clinical trial in 2021 is tougher than ever. The average cost of developing a new drug has reached a staggering $2-3 bn (1) so it’s no wonder that clinical trial researchers are looking for ways to tighten up and make their budgets stretch further.

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A huge majority of clinical trials face delays, costing precious time and money, as well as impacting patients. Here is why managing time, resources and participants are essential in avoiding delays and delivering results.

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What do we mean, when we talk about the “lab of the future”?

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In recent years, the level of innovation and growth in wearable technologies has led increasingly to the use of this technology in healthcare and clinical trial settings.

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In the ever-changing field of clinical research, valid testing and research outcomes are critical, making reliable storage, archiving, and data retrieval an essential component in the research process.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been the catalyst for significant shifts in the clinical trial landscape...

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A global pharmaceutical company sought new ways to help senior scientists focus more time and attention on innovation and strategic drug project work.

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