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Advanced Features | Avantor

Advanced Features

Avantor can activate a variety of advanced features on the site to support your sophisticated procurement needs.

These features include:

  • Tailored Custom Catalogs
  • Procurement Card/Ghost Card Support
  • Open Requisition (Third-Party Product Ordering)
  • Order Approval Workflow
  • Order Activity Export Capabilities
  • Product Blocking

Access to these features depends on the specific arrangements you and/or your organization have made with Avantor.

Electronic Commerce Integration Options

Avantor’s best-in-class e-Business integration capabilities can provide custom interfaces to your e-procurement, ERP, or financial applications. We support a variety of integration options to help streamline your ordering processes and drive down costs:

  • Punchout/RoundTrip Integration (Seamless Integration of your Application with Avantor’s distribution channel website) ·
  • Electronic Ordering/Acknowledgements/Ship Notices ·
  • Electronic Invoicing, etc.

For more information on advanced features and e-Business integration options, contact your Avantor Sales Representative or e-mail [email protected].