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Fume Hood and Safety Cabinets

Avantor Equipment and Instrument Service (E&IS) offers certification, preventative maintenance and validation services for chemical fume hoods, laminar flow hoods and biosafety cabinets.

Fume Hood and Safety Cabinets | Avantor

Regular preventive maintenance of your laboratory hoods is essential for the continued safety of your personnel and your work environment. Routine maintenance and testing services also help prevent equipment downtime.

Our service offerings include the following:

  • ASHRAE 110-1995
  • NSF Standard 49
  • Face velocity, Smoke Generation & Tracer Gas Test

Test and Certification for Biosafety Cabinets

  • Biosafety cabinets are evaluated and certified to meet the recommendations under NSF standard 49. Testing of biosafety cabinets includes inflow velocity measurements, downflow velocity measurements, HEPA filter testing, Fluorescent/ UV light testing and airflow pattern testing.

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