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Downstream optimization services

Trust our experts to help you reduce downstream turnaround times and optimize buffer and chromatography resin selection in biopharma mAbs manufacturing.

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Downstream optimization services | Avantor

As the global demand for biologics accelerates, biomanufacturers are investigating ways to address concerns around manufacturing process costs and speed to market. Downstream production in bioprocessing operations is one such area of focus, adding up to over 60% of the total cost of producing a biologic drug today.

The ultimate goal in the downstream optimization of monoclonal antibodiesrecombinant proteins and other biologics is to improve recovery and reduce the cost per gram of protein produced. This requires producing more drug product, in less time, and with the same amount of resin and buffer material. Biomanufacturers can achieve this by optimizing their resin and buffer selections, making better use of the newest generation of mixed-mode and multimode resins and more efficient buffer management practices.

Helping you accelerate speed to market

Our services teams work closely with you to identify biopharma scale-up bottlenecks, streamline production processes, and improve efficiency and productivity so you can shorten time to market for life-saving molecules. All services teams work jointly to address the most pressing needs of R&D, scale up and commercial manufacturing.

Our downstream process optimization service offering focuses on reducing downstream turnaround times by optimizing resin and buffer selections, enhancing yield and purity and decreasing process times. We couple these services with training and assistance alongside column-packing and configuration to help drive efficiency.

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We bring our regulatory, quality and technical expertise to virtually every step of production process to drive the efficiency that enables treatments to get to the patients and communities that need them, quickly and safely.

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