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Proteomics is a challenging field of science that gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to help identify and understand the proteins that drive normal and disease physiology. Avantor® can deliver all the tools and supplies you need so you can devote your attention to the task at hand.

Products provide a simple, rapid and reproducible method for preparing total cellular protein extracts.

Products support a broad range of chromatography media and resin methods, including affinity purification, size exclusion/ gel filtration and more.

Reagents, blotting papers, power supplies and more to separate proteins for analysis.

Accurately quantify total protein concentrations. Isolate, separate and analyze proteins by biochemical methods.

Access to thousands of antibodies used to identify and locate intracellular and extracellular proteins in common applications.

Convenient kits for attaching fluorescent labels or biotins to antibodies and larger proteins.

Numerous options of synthesis platforms, purity levels, modifications and formats to meet a variety of research needs.


See our VWR branded range of products for electrophoresis.

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Improve your efficiency with high-performance chromatography resins for mAbs production processes.

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