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Protein Purification

Proteins play an integral role in cell structure and function, and protein purification is critical because it allows us to identify a protein’s size and structure, binding affinity, biological activity, physio-chemical properties and protein-protein interactions. From resins to reagents, cassettes, kits, filters and more, Avantor® offers everything your lab needs to enable the protein purification process.

A variety of commonly used reagents to induce expression of the lac operon in Escherichia coli.

Created from a natural source of cellulose with the ability to selectively diffuse molecules across a semi-permeable membrane.

A steady supply of protein purification resins to enhance the separation power of your chromatography process steps.

Kits enable you to perform purification of affinity-tagged proteins, antibodies, untagged or native proteins, as well as sample clean-up.

A variety of reagents for isolating one or more proteins from a complex mixture, including cells, tissues and whole organisms.

A large offering of cassettes to guarantee high flow rates, low hold-up volumes and low protein binding.

Centrifugal devices with UF membranes are ideal to concentrate, purify and desalt peptides, proteins and nucleic acid samples.