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Microorganisms – tiny yet powerful. Methods used to control their growth and transmission of infection never stop evolving, as does Avantor®'s portfolio. We offer a comprehensive range of products for the entire microbiology workflow, from sampling and sample preparation to identification of microorganisms.

The culture media provide essential substances to support the growth of microorganisms in the laboratory, but also possibly to differentiate or identify microorganisms.

A variety of tests based on the presence or absence of enzyme activity, immunological screening, or molecular biology-based tests.

Test for the presence of microorganisms in media. Use these tests to isolate and identify indicator organisms or foodborne pathogens.

Fast-acting dyes create strong contrasts between cell components for easier detection or analyses.

Kits may include slides, cover slips, associated handling products, slide storage and more.

Measure the hygiene status of a sample in seconds with on-site detection of microorganisms or organic residues.

All the supplies you need to rapidly create optimum growth environments for anaerobic microorganisms.

Microbial air samplers with single and dual head configurations or samplers for other airborne particles like viruses, spores and others.

Choose a manual system or an automated colony counters for consistent, accurate and fast results

Gravimetric dilutors precisely control the quantity of media added to solids in homogenizer bags or containers to obtain the correct dilution factor needed for your sample.

Powerful and durable for grinding, blending, chopping and processing. Available in various sizes and speed settings.

Their use to homogenize samples results in less damage to the microorganisms present in the sample, which leads to accurate and representative results.

Preparators are equipped with everything to simplify the production of culture media and accelerate the process.

They are used for accurate dispensing of sterile culture media into petri dishes, test tubes, or other containers.

Dispense liquid samples in a spiral pattern s. across an agar plate which allows for an efficient enumeration of bacteria

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