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Whether you’re working on the advancement of gene therapies or personalized medicine, Avantor® offers a wide selection of tools, resources, and products to meet your genomics workflow needs.

Genomics categories

Find the equipment, reagents and consumables you need to extract and purify RNA and DNA from biological samples.

From DNases to transfection reagents, we offer everything you need for DNA/RNA modification, cloning and delivery.

From quality consumables and reagents to the most advanced equipment for PCR/qPCR.

We offer a wide selection of next generation sequencing (NGS) products.

View our DNA electrophoresis equipment and reagents to analyze your samples.

Featured products


Find a variety of high-quality DNA Polymerases, optimized for specific applications and ready-to-use master mixes.


Next Generation Reverse Transcription. Faster, better, tougher first strand cDNA synthesis. Enhanced thermostability and inhibitor resistance in 10 min reaction time.


Get complete control over when, where and how often you sequence.


The Agilent AriaMx is an integrated quantitative PCR amplification, detection and data analysis system with modular optics which are user installed for added flexibility.


Whether you need to assess the integrity of your NGS libraries, cell-free DNA, FFPE DNA and RNA, small or in-vitro transcribed RNA, Agilent automated electrophoresis instruments can support your genomics applications.


Perfect for many downstream applications, including restriction enzyme digestion, NGS library preparation, automated fluorescent sequencing and more.

Let us help you move science forward.