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Electrophoresis and Blotting | Avantor

Electrophoresis and Blotting

Protein research often requires using electrophoresis techniques to separate DNA, RNA and proteins for analysis. Avantor® offers all the electrophoresis products you need, including reagents, blotting paper, power supplies and much more, so that you can conduct your important scientific work. 

The most commonly used gels for their versatility with buffers and ability to generate reproducible results.

Choose from different number of wells, thicknesses and sizes among the precast gels for compatibility with samples and equipment. 

With clamps to guarantee the assembly stays upright, these systems facilitate fast gel runs with even cooling resulting in distinct bands.

Ideal for size verification of PCR products, analysis of digested DNA and band identification of a number of different fragments, digested proteins.

Different Power supply systems compatible with your electrophoresis and blotting apparatus.

Available in various pore sizes and charges to fit any blotting techniques in molecular biology and genetic research 

Choose pre-cut sheets in desired grade, blotter art, LSD blotter, in many common dimensions for optimal compatibility.

Reagents are compatible with a variety of blotting techniques and with antibodies provided against tens of thousands of different proteins.

Extensive selection of different blotting systems to transfer proteins and nucleic acid fragments