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Culture Media for Microbiology | Avantor

Culture Media for Microbiology

From sample preparation to final identification of microorganisms, you need a wide range of solutions for microbiological research. Avantor® offers culture media for microbiology that maintains the right pH to support the growth of many types of microorganisms. The media formulation includes amino acids, vitamins, glucose, inorganic salts and other growth factors designed to support the growth of microorganisms.

Powder, gel and liquid microbiology media to facilitate the detection, isolation and cultivation of microorganism colonies.

Plated or contained in tubes to guarantee that the correct nutrient mixtures are present for specific cell types.

Microbiology additives and supplements enhance the growth effectiveness in base media and allow researchers to customize the media accordingly to their needs.

Cultivate and isolate microorganisms for research purposes. Fast-dissolving powders come premixed for quick preparation using neutral liquids.